Recipe : Strip Notebook output before comitting

Ever wished you could commit your notebooks without the output cells, but not loose all you outputs locally? This is how.


Parallel UNIX utilities

This post covers some usefull Unix utilities to run parallel processes on the command line.


Balance, a sustainable personal finance app

A few months back, I took some time to explore a product idea that had been in the back of my head for a while, looking at a problem that is dear to my heart: climate change. I spend a few months exploring it, working on the business model, talking to potential users, and building out a technical POC to de-risk some of the core mechanics behind the product design. I learned a lot and I think it’s worthwhile to document where I got while it’s all fresh in memory.


Building an indoor NFT hydroponics system with Raspberry Pi monitoring

My experience in building an NFT hydroponics garden and monitoring it with sensors and a Raspberry-Pi.


PyCon Canada 2016: Building a real-time image classification web app with Python and

In this tutorial, we will build a real-time machine learning web app using Python and We will use MLDB's Tensorflow integration to use a deep learning model to embed images in a high dimensional conceptual space, and use that representation as features to do transfer learning. This will allow us to build a real-time image classification endpoint.