Human augmentation through artificial intelligence

Showcase of two posts I published recently that relate to a very interesting and important machine learning topic: human augmentation through artificial intelligence.


Is your Chrome bigger than mine? How Chrome ate 21GB of storage

I've been playing with the macOS Sierra Golden Master for a few days and ran into the new storage optimization app that is now included in macOS. It lead me to realise that Chrome was using 21GB of SSH space!


PyCon Canada 2015: Epic NHL goal celebration hack

Video and slides of my PyCon Canada 2015 talk on the "Epic NHL goal celebration hack with a hue light show and real-time machine learning".


Actually, Marty didn't go Back To The Future: Graphing the train sequence of BTTF3

Data-science tribute to BTTF. This post explores if, in the third film, they really make it to 88 miles per hour before they run out of tracks?


Mapping Press Releases in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election

The 2015 Canadian federal election is in its final stretch and college and I thought it would be a great opportunity to collect some data and do some machine learning. Citizen data science in action!


Hacking an epic NHL goal celebration with a hue light show and real-time machine learning

This post does a deep dive on the **epic goal celebration hack**. In a single sentence, I trained a machine learning model to detect in real-time that a goal was just scored by the Habs based on the live audio feed of a game and to trigger a light show using Philips hues in my living room.