About me

François is an expert technologist with years of experience in building robust and scalable software with a speciality in machine learning and data science. He holds a Master’s degree in computer science, specialized in machine learning, from the University of Montreal. For more than a decade, he played various roles relating to technology and product development in fast-paced startup environments.

François’ experience is deep and varied. As a technical product manager at Element AI, he lead the creation of a complex product that involved months of applied AI research. At Datacratic/mldb.ai, he was responsible for the machine learning team and built and operated hundreds of real-time machine learning models. He has a track record of building high performance systems that use cutting edge technology delivered in an experience its users love. Some of the problems François worked on include the development of real­-time bidding algorithms and behavioral modeling in the Adtech industry, automatic toxic content detection on online web forums, large scale content-based music recommendation.

He currently is a staff machine learning developer at Local Logic, using machine learning systems to create hyper-local insights about cities and neighbourhood. Prior to taking on a purely technical role at Local Logic, he had the role of Head of Engineering where he hired key technical leaders, put in place best practices and modernized the technology stack while drastically reducing the technical debt.