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Is your Chrome bigger than mine? How Chrome ate 21GB of storage

I’ve been playing with the macOS Sierra Golden Master for a few days and ran into the new storage optimization app that is now included in macOS. It prompted me that I was running low on disk space, and displayed the following dialog. The first item on the list was a bit shocking: How could Chrome be using 21GB of my precious SSD space?! I quickly looked … Continue reading Is your Chrome bigger than mine? How Chrome ate 21GB of storage »

Hibernating in OSX Lion

In OSX Lion (might also be the case for older versions to), there is no direct way to hibernate a laptop except running out of battery power. The only available option is sleep, which will wake from memory; so it keeps draining the battery. It is possible to change this default behavior with the utility pmset. From the man page:

So by default, the … Continue reading Hibernating in OSX Lion »

Restore sparsebundle extended attributes after rsync

If you rsync a sparse bundle to another Mac without the -E flag (or if you copy it to a non Mac system), you will loose the ability to double click on it in the Finder to mount it. This is because the extended attributes telling the Finder the folder is actually a bundle are lost in the transfer. The following piece of code I … Continue reading Restore sparsebundle extended attributes after rsync »

Make OSX’s top behave like Linux’s top

OSX’s top program doesn’t quite behave like its Linux counterpart out of the box. For me, the two biggest problems are that processes aren’t sorted by CPU usage and the top program itself uses 10% of the CPU because it calculates all sorts of statistics about memory and shared library usage that I personally don’t care about. There are a series of flags that you … Continue reading Make OSX’s top behave like Linux’s top »

Using filemerge for mercurial diffs

A friend of mine found a script that brings up OSX’s FileMerge program instead of the text-based file comparisons you get with mercurial with doing an “hg diff”. download this script and make sure its location is in your PATH add the following to .hg/hgrc:

Now type hg opendiff <filename> (hg op is enough), instead of hg diff <filename> Source

SQLite3, php5 and MAMP

The version of php5 bundled with MAMP doesn’t come with sqlite3 support built-in out of the box. Here’s how to add it, considering the following setup : SQLite3 installed through MacPorts php5 used through MAMP I used the php-sqlite3 extension. When you run phpize, make sure you are actually using the one from MAMP by calling it with its full path  /Applications/MAMP/bin/php5/bin/phpize. I then complied … Continue reading SQLite3, php5 and MAMP »

Useful free Mac apps

I’m a relatively new Mac user so I’m keeping a list of some useful free apps that I’m using on my Mac. It’s a work in progress… Instant Messaging : Adium PDF Annotation : Skim Notes taking : Freemind Linux package manager : Macports (lots of my friends use fink) EquationService : Create equations from latex that can be used in Keynote MacFUSE : MacFUSE … Continue reading Useful free Mac apps »

Compile against libraries installed with MacPorts

MacPorts installs packages in a non unix-standard location. This can cause problems when trying to compile other software against these packages because they aren’t found by the configure script. I experienced that problem when trying to compile SDL_image, which depends on libraries such as libpng. I had to configure with the following flags :

which indicates in which folders the libraries installed with MacPorts … Continue reading Compile against libraries installed with MacPorts »