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Make OSX’s top behave like Linux’s top

OSX’s top program doesn’t quite behave like its Linux counterpart out of the box. For me, the two biggest problems are that processes aren’t sorted by CPU usage and the top program itself uses 10% of the CPU because it calculates all sorts of statistics about memory and shared library usage that I personally don’t care about. There are a series of flags that you … Continue reading Make OSX’s top behave like Linux’s top »

Useful free Mac apps

I’m a relatively new Mac user so I’m keeping a list of some useful free apps that I’m using on my Mac. It’s a work in progress… Instant Messaging : Adium PDF Annotation : Skim Notes taking : Freemind Linux package manager : Macports (lots of my friends use fink) EquationService : Create equations from latex that can be used in Keynote MacFUSE : MacFUSE … Continue reading Useful free Mac apps »