Hibernating in OSX Lion

In OSX Lion (might also be the case for older versions to), there is no direct way to hibernate a laptop except running out of battery power. The only available option is sleep, which will wake from memory; so it keeps draining the battery. It is possible to change this default behavior with the utility pmset. From the man page:

So by default, the system uses hibernatemode=3. All we need to do it change it to 25 and the sleep function will hibernate the computer:

Don’t forget to change it back to 3 to get the default behavior back.

1 thought on “Hibernating in OSX Lion

  1. Clément Malliet

    Merci pour l’astuce, ma batterie est complètement morte, et ne pas pouvoir faire de veille me manque terriblement. Espérons que ça marche.

    Clément, ton neveu.

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