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NTFS Undelete "cannot create disk object" error

My cousin asked me for help with her Vista PC after she tried recovering all the files in her recycling bin, hit cancel as it was doing it, and realized that the Vista meaning of cancel was empty the whole bin and destroy all her files.

I looked at different software to undelete files from an NTFS partition and found NTFS Undelete. When I tried to list the files for a given disk using that program, I got the error “Cannot create disk object”. I eventually figured out that the program had to be run as administrator. Vista doesn’t give you any message telling you the program is trying to perform an administrator-only task but rather a cryptic error message from the program that does not help you at all.

I want to stress that I was not able to recover her files using this particular program but thought I’d share the solution anyways, as well as take this opportunity to watch this classic ad again.

Published Aug 17, 2010

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